Aliens (EBEs) - A Compilation of the Reports of Visitors


By Patricia Weissleader - Reformatted by Kidd 11/2000


Author's statement:

Those of us with voices in our heads may attribute them to devils, our higher selves, or some intelligence from the astral plane or another galaxy. But what ever we call it, that voice is likely to be a lot more interesting to talk to than most of the people we are likely to meet. Sometime after circumstances spit me out of the life I had planned to have, I decided to follow the voice and see where it led me. Not that I thought it was wiser than any other input I was receiving at the time-I figured I couldn't do any worse than I had when I did all the 'right things' by society's rules, and I would probably have a lot more fun.

Voice has taken me on a lot less mind trips than my ex husband did, and I get to do a lot of things other people don't get to do. Saucer watching is to the 90's what sex was to the 60's. You stay out all night in a parked car with some guy you find isn't as interesting as you thought he was when you decided to do it; have police shine flashlights in the window at you and tell you that you can't do that on this property and will have to leave; and you drag yourself home at dawn, exhausted and needing a shower, either highly elated, wondering how soon you can do it again, or wishing you hadn't bothered.

Why do I think I can write this?

I go to the hot spots to find out for myself what is true and what is not, and I research the written reports of the contactees and correlate details that are of little interest to most researchers. My background in Army Intelligence gave me the skills to collect and evaluate data, and my ability to note patterns that others sometimes miss allow me to follow leads that may not seem important to others.

Have I ever (seen a UFO) (met an alien) (been abducted)?

I turned down doing a cover story for the National Inquirer without asking what they would have paid. I have a story, but I am not telling it here. If you are interested enough and look hard enough you can find it in published literature.

Ground Rules for Decent Research

The bottom line is to find out what is true and what is not true. This can not happen if you begin with a predetermined idea of what you want to find. It is important not to discard data that you think is distasteful or fantastic, or to favor data that suits your own idea of what the universe ought to be. You must not fudge the data, ever. If you can come to no useful conclusion with the facts you have you must say that you do not know. You must not leave out what doesn't fit, even though it spoils a lovely conclusion. You must not reject facts that come from a source you don't like, even nasty irritating people with low morals may be speaking the truth. You must not be a class snob. Drunks and crazy people can see UFO's too, and the aliens just might not be using the criteria you would for choosing a contact. You must not honor the popular biases. It may be necessary for someone wanting to get rich on an experience to go along with who is in or out by current dogma, but I'm not making any money from this, and am not too popular anyway, so we will go entirely on the merits of each case.

I will give the details of each case and the source of my information about it. I will add my own remarks and tell you what I think. Finding out the truth can be difficult due to a lack of enough collected data, a lack of complete information (data collected but omitted by the reporting party), narrow viewpoint of the time of report, even the failure of periodicals to report what they do not agree with. Please do not believe me or any other researcher or authority unless you feel that the facts are represented fairly and evaluated reasonably. And remember that you do not have to decide that a case is true or false-the researchers and experiencers I respect the most are the ones able to say 'I don't know'. And if you see something about a case that I miss, or have a theory no one else has thought about, please let me know so I can do a better job of it.

it may surprise you to find out that most professional investigators who do an in-depth study of UFO related incidents, believe things that most people on the street reject. Most people on the street make their judgments by what is filtered through the media, while real research on any subject can be very boring.

And above all, NEVER JUDGE A CASE BY THE OPINION OF PEOPLE WHO ARE DISPARAGING THE SOURCE.OF INFORMATION. People who name call, give unflattering background details of someone or ridicule their ideas, are either stupid or involved in an active disinformation ploy. When patterns of disinformation are used against someone, it may even be evidence that their story is genuine. Any emotional reaction to information is not evidence. It is common today for someone involved in an event to be interviewed and tell nothing about the event at all, only describe their reactions to it. It is just as common for the public to accept or reject the truth of the incident based on the appearance and social level of the person who experienced it. If Heather Locklear were naked and begged for a ride on a deserted road at night, few men would even question her story of how she happened to be there, or even listen to it before they helped her into the car. If an ugly 300 lb. black man covered with sores were in the same situation, few would stop the car to listen to the story, yet either of them has the same chance of having been abducted by aliens!.

No matter how serious we are about finding the truth, we might as well have a good time looking.

The Early Contactees

Frank Scully-'Behind the Flying Saucers', Holt ,1950

Think of an old movie, Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. He plays a newspaper man. He may be nonconformist, but he is a newspaperman to the very soul, and his word is respected second only to the Bible by half of America. And if telling the truth brings him grief, he will have the grief, because the truth is more important than anything else.

That is Frank Scully. If he had ever had an affair or inhaled, or kicked a dog, it would have been easy to discredit him. But no one could find a single thing to make him look bad. The entire science of disinformation strategy may have been invented just to try to get people not to believe what he had to say. Scully had a lot of pride in remembering things other people forgot when it was political to do so-he said that elephants came to him when they forgot.

Scully was like one other man. Art Bell. Because Scully was given parts from a flying saucer too. v Newton and Gee were partners in oil and precious metal prospecting. They had done rather well in locating mineral deposits with a gadget they invented. In the course of Scully's friendship with Newton, he learned about a crashed saucer that Newton had seen. Koehler had a brush with some counterespionage body, possibly concerning his lecturing about UFO's, with the information he got from these three men, Scully wrote 'Behind the Flying Saucers', a best seller Scully's story could not be disproved, and Scully could not be smeared. The powers that be decided to smear his contacts and make it seem that Scully was duped. Newton and Gebauer were accused of fraud in regards to their oil finding machine. They were taken to court in a widely publicized trial, convicted, and declared con men. Most people still believe that Scully was fooled, despite the facts that no one had ever complained that Newton and Gebauer had cheated them, people wanting to testify how well the equipment worked were not allowed to, and no fine or sentence was ever levied for the 'offense'. To this day you can push a button on any card carrying UFO researcher and have them say that Scully was duped. If they even know who he was.

Scully deserves mention in an article about alien contact because the crash had bodies. This was the Aztec crash, and the taint about investigating it is still so strong that people writing books about other more popular crashes get loud and emotional in denying it ever happened. William Steinman who whore an excellent book, "UFO Crash at Aztec" published in 1988 by Wendelle Stevens, was so thoroughly harassed because he did so, that he will not today make any comment on UFO's. I talked to Mr. Steinman about it or tried to, and I have to tell you, the man was in fear for his life.

Anyone wanting to learn the details of this crash and/ or Scully's part in it, may be able to find a copy of "Behind the Flying Saucers" in a used book store of from a UFO book seller. "UFO Crash at Aztec" covers a great amount of material and is available from Wendelle Stevens at UFO Photo Archives, PO Box 17206, Tucson, Arizona 85701. It is about $20 plus postage.


25 March, 1948, near Aztec, New Mexico 14 bodies found charred inside almost intact ship. Average height: 42 inches. Average weight: 40 pounds. Large heads, slanted eyes, small noses and mouths, white skin. Thin necks and torso. Long arms reaching to knees. Sketches approved by witnesses show delineated human like muscular shape to body, arms and legs, heavy ridge over eyebrows. Webbing between fingers (lack of mention of number indicates they had four fingers and a thumb, although only four fingers show in sketches), colorless fluid 'blood' with smell of ozone. No apparent reproductive organs, digestive system or rectum.

George Adamski

in the early 50's George Adamski met a man from Venus in the desert foothills near Desert Center, California. Adamski lived and worked near Palomar Mountain, and he took amazing and some would say fake, photographs from his terrace. Like Scully, he is ritually disbelieved by anyone who wants to be part of the in crowd of UFO circuit speakers. Adamski wrote several straightforward books in which he related his contact with several Venetian people, and his trips on their space craft over a number of years.

The Adamski Foundation helps his reputation by threatening anyone who tried to mention his name, claiming they hold copyrights to everything he ever did. Last year I was personally threatened with a legal suit by the present head of the Foundation FOR AIDING AND ABBETTING THE DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER OF THE VENETIAN ORTHON. This came about when a friend named David Kammerer was promised to publish a manuscript that was given to him by the widow of the writer. Part of it described how, when Orthon was staying at Adamski's house near San Diego, he had to climb out of a window to evade pursuing FBI agents.

It was my contention that any court would not allow the Adamski Foundation to act in Orthon's behalf without a signed power of attorney, and some indication that Orthon felt that telling the story was damaging to his character. I am also not sure if Orthon or his representative has the right to sue in a California court without a valid green card.

For the record, all evidence seems to indicate that both Adamski and Orthon had more attractive personalities than do the some of the present Adamski Foundation members.

There is every reason today to accept Adamski's claims as valid. His descriptions of his trips on the saucers include the mention of seeing 'fireflies' out the porthole as have some of our Apollo Astronauts. The fake looking bell shaped craft with the signature three balls on the underside have been photographed in several countries and decades since Adamski saw them, and the idea of saucers posing for photo opportunities has become common place.

Adamski wrote several books-that can often be found in used book stores, including "Inside the Space Ships' and 'Flying Saucers have Landed'. He also had some movies of saucers that, like his photos, look incredibly fake, but are almost certainly genuine. The Adamski Foundation had a film taken inside the saucer by Adamski, but they won't let it be seen for fear of someone stealing their copyrighted material.

Lots of details of UFO connected events in the 60's not recorded anywhere else are related in "The pawn of his Creator", by Henry Dohan, including how Henry got his teeth fixed by a Tijuana dentist who lived next door to the man who went on the 1955 Argentinean trip to Mars, financed by the Vatican.. the book is available from David Kammerer, PO Box 96701, Las Vegas, NV, 89193 for $15 including shipping. David is not likely to make back half of what it cost him to publish the book and if you order a copy, mention my name so next time he is in town he will take me to lunch and buy me a big old Marguerita like he did last time he was here.


Man from Venus.

Orthon was entirely human and had long blond hair which reportedly allowed him to attend some functions dressed as a woman. Hmmmm. I think he was about 5' 8". He had a much livelier personality than all those blond Pleadians who are so never crack a smile.

Howard Menger-'From Outer Space to You'

the book was originally printed in 1959, and contains photos of Adamski type bell shaped ships and some buildings on the moon. A photo of atmospheric clouds on the moon is from an interesting view. Perhaps some of you astronomer types could match it, crater wise, to one from NASA? This book gives information on diet and soil that today would be recognized as correct.

Howard had a typical boyhood contactee experience when he was 10 years old in 1932. Hiking in the woods, he met a girl sitting on a rock by a brook who he had a long conversation with. Other contacts includes a long haired blond man who he met in the military and refused to talk to since men didn't wear long hair in those days. Later he helped arriving space people get clothes and bus fare. Howard eventually married a lady who was connected with his destiny.

They are together today and are a lively, happy couple who look like they are in their 40's when they are now mid-seventies. They have an updated version of the book for sale that includes the last 30 some years.

The Menger's story is one that makes some people ask what the aliens would want to do those things for, and why couldn't they do what they needed to do without this kind of help. but interviewing contactees for over a decade has shown me that this is a common pattern. Many of these contactees display a youthfulness and health that is almost unheard of in the world today. It is not just looks, but in the enthusiasm and spirit of these people. Howard also has some free energy devices and at one time was in contact with Henry Dohan who also had a free energy device.


Just folks. No detailed descriptions were given, I believe in order to not attract attention to them and interfere with the work they were here to do.

Daniel Fry-'The White Sands Incident'

this book describes how on July 4th, 1950, Fry, later an internationally known scientist and physicist, went for a ride on an unmanned saucer. He did not meet the alien in person. I include this because there is a lot of information on the ship's drive and construction that could be reevaluated in the light of today's technology. The book is often found in used book stores.

Other 50's and 60's Contacts

the contacts of these decades always were with an alien appearing to be completely human and seldom doing anything particularly noteworthy as far as miracles or super skills. In most cases the resulting book contains philosophical and practical advise and the contactee has a spiritual point of view. These books were long ago discarded from libraries and are not very lively reading for someone used to today's media. But they often contain jewels of information that are confirmed by things we now know that could not have been known at the time the book was written.

It should be noted that the bodies found in saucer crashes during that time were always humans of the 'gray' type or between the gray phenotype and human in form. In the next installment I will catalog what we know of crashed aliens.

Aliens, Part 2

The alien contacts with humans in the 40's and 50's were all with humanoids almost exactly like earth people in every way. In those days they didn't abduct them, though. A saucer was arranged to be some place that a specific human would bump into it, and later a telepathic message would arrange a meeting at a local caf┌. Then after a leisurely meal they would drive off to the saucer for a jaunt.

There are so many stories of this kind that one can compare them for similarities in the same way that we compare abduction data. If you read a few you get the feeling that these were nice people who are telling the truth.

During the same time span there were a number of saucer crashes. Alien bodies were found at most of them that were clearly different from earth humans. In some cases we hear rumors that some aliens survived and lived for some time as guests of our government. I find no references that indicate these visitors were working on relationships with earth humans and we do not have a lot of evidence as to why they were here.

But we have a good idea why they crashed. There was a new kind of radar set up in the four corners area and it interfered with the saucers navigational systems. There were about seven crashes in the area, the southern most being in Mexico. It was not long before the aliens fixed the problem, and it might explain why there were so many different descriptions of alien bodies. Each type would not make the same mistake after the first crash, but not all groups were communicating the problem to the others in time.

It is a point of interest that the new system of radar was taken out of use. I have always wondered if this was due to some level of government being in touch with some aliens and not wanting to harm them. If anyone can research the radar at that time and why the new system was not continued, please let me know.

After the story almost came out at the Roswell Crash, the retrieval system was tightened and very few people knew about the Aztec Crash. In Steinman's book 'UFO Crash at Aztec', a lot of research was done to trace the route of back roads that the military vehicles took to remove the debris. Another crash near Sorocco, NM, produced the body that you have seen in the alien autopsy video. The routes for retrieval were once again so obscure that many of the military staff did not know exactly where they had been. At least two autopsies were done, apparently one of each sex. Still photos of a second body were included with the movie film, and some movie film of a third autopsy done on site at night was also found. For anyone interested in an in-depth presentation on the Santilli Autopsy, a video tape of 6 hours of discussion by several prominent experts is available from Video City Distributing, 4266 Broadway, Oakland, Ca, 94611, phone (510) 428-0202.

Prior to the Santilli film, most of our information on alien bodies came from the bits of reports from people who had been part of the retrieval or had seen the Grudge 13 report, the last famous report that Project Blue Book did before it was disbanded.

I read bits of autopsy descriptions in a number of books, but it was in 1989 when several people came forward who had seen the Grudge 13 report, that we could put it all together. Bill Moore and Bill Cooper were two of the best known contacts. Each had seen the report while in military service. And since 1989 most of the original witnesses came forward to talk since they were very old and less afraid of being killed for talking. There are numerous films and books that give the stories these people have to tell.

The one thing we do not have is clear information about the alien bodies as separate entities from specific crashes. The data has been jumbled together so that it seems to describe only one or two types. All of the bodies are what we would today call 'grays', and though the bodies seem to all look alike from the viewpoint of humans who were not familiar with such beings, the aliens were in fact very different.

There is in the documentation a mention of at least three different types of 'grays;. The most common is the small ones that all seem to be identical and often act as if they have little individual consciousness and are parts of a larger intelligence, or are directed by larger grays or larger humanoids from other species. These are sometimes described as the ones Strieber described in 'Communionţ. But I do not think they are the same-Streiber's visitors were shown with thin almost insect like faces while they typical gray has a round head , oversized for the body from a human viewpoint. Streibers aliens are what I call Species Grays, since they seem to have sexes and individual identities and personalities.

The bodies found in the Aztec crash were white skinned and of varying sizes and weights. Because of the quality of research Steinman did, I assume that the remarks he records on the crash bodies do in fact refer to the Aztec bodies. But you find the same phrases lifted and used to report alien descriptions in a number of books, possibly due to the author compiling stuff from different sources.

Bill Cooper lists Gray 2 as similar to gray one with a different finger arrangement, and Gray3 as similar with thinner lips and subservient to the other types. It is possible that his Gray3 is the type often described as clones. My information suggests that they are in fact genetically separate individuals from a gene pool that is overly refined (we would say inbred-the state of many genetic choices called alleles being lost so that little variety exists. A field of wheat is similar since the wheat is grown from seed but they hybrid seed produced nearly identical plants.

Few people hear about the Big Nosed Grays, but these could possibly be the most dangerous. These Grays were described as landing at a military base and having contact with the staff. A 70's movie showed drawings of this event, presenting it as a 'what if?' possibility. These Grays were the size of normal humans and had roman noses. One was depicted as wearing a head dress similar to that of the Sphinx. It is said that these are the real bad guys and all others are either doing their bidding or just passing through.

Some of the autopsies report no sign of sex organs and some have no identifiable organs of any kind. Others have sex organs and/or characteristics that are not readily apparent before the autopsy, except perhaps to other horny aliens. Here is an exclusive about alien sex organs. I will tell the story of how the information came to me so that you can judge for your self if it should be considered reliable.

at the 1995 UFO Congress in Mesquite, the Santilli Autopsy panel was scheduled for one evening.. We had been told that there would be pictures shown of a second autopsy that evening, but these pictures were kept very private and no one had any idea what they would be like. A good copy of the autopsy film was available for sale and I went into the lobby area where I could review it and see if it was much better than what I had seen on TV. I got my good friend Jack to put the tape on the lobby monitor and several of us gathered around to watch it. while we did a young woman came in who was distressed and began to watch it with us. She told us she had a dream about an alien just like that one. She had been standing in waist deep water and the alien was facing her. What she described as a mushroom came out of the alien on a long thread and snaked across and into her. She said she woke up still shaking from a rather spectacular orgasm. I took her aside and got other information, but nothing dirty that you want to hear-just statistics as to blood type and so forth, since I am a researcher first and always.

I told Wendelle Stevens and Michael Heisemann what I had been told, so it is not in question that I got the information before the pictures of the second autopsy were shown. Late that evening during the presentation (but not included in the video for sale since it was valuable material for someone's next book or movie) we saw the photos. The second alien was just like the first one we all saw autopsied, except thathte wounds were in different places. And the view that made most people believe the first body was female had a small addition like a mushroom visible. The narrator told us that the autopsy has revealed long threads attached to this odd bump. They had no idea what it was and did not find what we would consider sexual organs.

now the question that comes to my mind is-if the photos were obtained in with a bunch of bits of Santilli film, how did they know what the doctors found inside? I hope that question will be answered at the January 18-24, 1997 UFO Congress to be held in Laughlin, Nevada. Phone (303)-543-9443 for information.

There is a photo of a claw like hand with two long fingers and two short ones, next to an inset photo of the rib cage and broken arm it came from, credited to a Japanese publication. It is said to belong to a crashed saucer occupant. This was not one of the Grudge 13 photos. It appears in Steinman's book.

There are a number of stories of actors and politicians who were taken to see dead alien bodies preserved at military bases. It is too bad that these people did not have a check list with them so we would know just what kind of body they did see. It is amazing how few movie actors know the differences that can be found in even the numbers of fingers on dead alien bodies.

When the Santilli Autopsy film came out, any well read UFO researcher knew at once that the body did not come from Roswell because the bodies had 6 fingers. If the Roswell bodies had six fingers we would have heard about it by now. The lack of any mention of the number of fingers in the discussion of any dead alien implies that it had four fingers and a thumb in an arrangement very close to that of humans. This is why we can assume that the Roswell and Aztec crash bodies had the normal (for humans)amount.

Not Mentioned Aliens

A number of situations concerning alien contact can be inferred by stories that are quite common. For example, we all hear that Eisenhower went to Muroc to meet aliens in the 50's, pretending to be at the dentist. I suspect that it might be this contact that the movie with the Big Nosed Grays described. But if a saucer lands and there is a welcoming party with cameras ready to film, how much contact must have already happened to arrange such a meeting? I would like to know about that contact.

There are events such as cattle mutilations, where we do not get a hint of the beings involved. Could it be that a group such as the Big Nose Grays are very good at staying out of the lime light? It is not likely that the mutilations could go on so long without any hint of the beings involved being seen. We also hear of aliens in underground bases who work with our government. I managed for many years to not believe in this story. But references in other reports made by people I feel are entirely acceptable mention things that refer to events said to have taken place in the underground bases.

I think it is likely that the Big Nose Grays are the real bad guys in cahoots with our government.

Most autopsy reports show no digestive system in the alien body-the mouth has no teeth and ends in a useless cul-de-sac similar to the appendix in humans. In other cases the bodies are like humans as far as the organs go. These are probably the bodies of Species Grays. Species Grays would reproduce just as we do. It is said that Grays are dying out and need human material to keep their population going. It is most likely that a group where all members seemed identical would be at a genetic dead end. The idea that human material could help these beings, supports the theory that the Grays are distant relations of ours. But in all those autopsies, no one ever thought to count the chromosomes. Or even to check if they had any.

In the next part I will talk about some of the more dubious 'alien' contacts that humans have had, or have they?

The Other Personal Contacts

The 50's and 60's brought us a new kind of contact. Although there were many of this sort, I will cover just a few. These contacts were reported by the contactees in paperback books and on lecture circuits. Many of the reported events strain the ability of the mind of a prudent person to accept as genuine. I will therefore leave it up to you to judge these stories. I hope your mama didn't raise any dummies.

The adventures of 'He and She' or 'The Two' refer to possibly the same people or should we say sentient beings, or are possibly different situations. One of them was documented in a Twilight Zone or One Step Beyond episode. In this TV program meetings were held in a barn and a lot of people were prepared for being taken to colonize or emigrate to another planet or dimension, I forget which. It seems as if these people are being duped-but are they? Do they actually take any of the money or property of the people who will no longer need it? does it get changed to local currency for somewhere not around here? The TV program left this issue strangely unsettled, as well it should. But the boyfriend of one woman was convinced that she was being taken in, and he decides to drag her out of the meeting. But everyone who went in is strangely gone now from the isolated barn that has no hiding placeââ..unfortunately the half hour time slot was used up by then and we never found out what happened.

In real life we know what happened. People got excited and had quite a good time until it ended. It might end with He and She just not showing up for the next lecture, deciding that they could no longer continue their work in such a negative planet, or being run out of town on a rail. In the best ones, people sold or gave away all their belongings and went to a hill to wait for the saucer to pick them up. Next morning the came down the hill and looked very dumb.

In real accounts of this kind of situation there is not any evidence of a large con job going on that is intended to get peoples money. But what was the point? Nobody knows, least of all the people who were involved, most of whom still secretly believed He and She were real.

A number of incidents occurred where people claimed (to the media) that they were in touch with aliens by radio, or in their head. This kind of contact should not be confused with channeling-ithe head was a sort of radio receiver and the normal problems of intergalactic message transmission were experienced. Descriptions of utopias and dying planets were published and proofs were almost offered but didn't quite get through.

One such case was documented in UFO contact at (Koldas?). I am unsure of the name since that was toe one in the series that was so seriously out of print I do not have it. I read through a copy of a friend some years ago and the details are a bit foggy. In this case people began to get communication from a man from another planet in their radio. They kept records of the transmissions and learned details of either life on another planet or what was supposed to happen to earth, or both. There was a symbol given that was supposed to be what they wpould paint on their space ships on Koldas. They did not share this information with anyone but later they or someone else got some letters in the mail that were related and had the symbol on it.

My guess would have been that a neighbor was playing tricks on them, but it happened in the days that ordinary people could not broadcast without a truckload of equipment.

Since this case was published by Wendelle Stevens, it has to have something more than I remember going for it, because Wendelle doesn't publish garbage. But don't rush out and pay big money for this book thinking there is a lot of action in it.

One of the first books I read came to me in a box of metaphysical discards and still can be found in used book stores everywhere. ˝Stranger at the Pentagonţ is the story of Valiant Thor, a native of Venus who, with 70 others was on a secret mission to earth. Val, as he was known to his friends, and I assume that is the familiar form of his false name, presented some flying saucer incidents to United Nations delegates who were 'stunned to the point of sheer anger, mixed with fear'. His story was related to us by Dr. Frank Stranges, a figure still active on the speaking circuit, though now he is a minister. This book has a great collection of photos and articles about early UFO sightings and events before 1967 when it was published, it is also one of the only places you can find pictures of adult men with tin foil around their heads having a darn good time. And why not? Frank wrote some other books and one tells his personal story of his involvement with aliens on an earth adventure. Find that one and read it if you want to understand just what kind of a man Frank Stranges really is.

One of the most famous contactees was George Van Tassel. He maintained a small airport, one of many the government kept up in past decades, though it was a civilian one for small planes. The landing strip was at Giant Rock, just north of Landers where the great quake happened a few years ago. He had gas and some supplies and a small caf┌, and a room underneath the rock. And a number of the craft that landed didn't need a runway. George had the famous Woodstock like gatherings for flying saucer fans at Giant Rock for many years in the 60's and 70's. I interviewed several old ladies who had been to the Giant Rock gatherings to find out what went on there. They stayed in Dan Fry's trailer and partied big. One famous Polaroid of a beam of light over the speaker podium was taken by a security guard. There is a second photo of him holding his Polaroid, still stunned in disbelief. The light had not been evident when he took the picture.

Van Tassel lived in Landers and built the Integretron from plans the aliens gave him. It was a building that would rejuvenate people. The original plan was for no metal to be in it, and wooden nails were used.. After Van Tassel's death it sat empty, then was a bar, and finally was bought by some people who want to finish it and activate it. They are not doing it right-because they have electrical outlets in metal conduit strung all over it, but their vibrating oscillator set up certainly does something-I was in there for a demo, and the air was so thick with vibrations, you could cut it with a knife.

George wrote some books on philosophy but not about his personal involvement with aliens. The room is filled in under the rock , and it is hard to tell the landing strip from one of the dirt roads in the area. The photograph I took a couple years ago has a small black dot to the left of the rock. That is my Honda Accord. The hill I took the picture from is the spot I saw my first flying saucer from. It was a 'red jumper', and a real surprise.

It is hard to find anything Van Tassel wrote, but you can find pictures of his caf┌ and the big gatherings in other books from time to time.

A well known case documented by John A Keel is 'The Mothman Prophesies'. This book is highly recommended because it makes it clear how hard it is to get anything of substance in such an investigation , even with heaps of data. This elusive quality of many UFO related events to be nailed down and categorized, is so common that it might be considered proof that something really weird is going on. It is also the reason most people can easily disregard many cases and smugly wait around for nuts and bolts of proof.

Perhaps Keel was terribly disappointed in not solving the case, or maybe he likes things to be vague and arguable as infinitum. Since that time he has playfully irritated the better part of UFO researchers by claiming to believe in all sorts of things that he can justify just as well as any other theory. A few years back he had everyone in an uproar by claiming saucer crash debris-I forget if it was that of Roswell or Aztec, was actually from a spy Fugo balloon, released in wartime Japan.

High Strangeness Events

It is out of order to bring this in at this point because the term wasn't coined until the 80's, but it is a good concept to understand if you want to understand UFO events.

High strangeness events happen in ways that might have nothing to do with UFO's, but often later they form a pattern that is UFO connected. Someone is driving down a road and passes a bus at night, miles from a town. It is parked, the doors are open and all the lights are on. There are no people. You are on a trip to grandma's house and you stop at a caf┌ at the summit of a hill. There may be nothing special about the place, or everyone in the building may be six fingered or 7 foot tall. On your return trip you look for it and find the summit but there is no caf┌.

High strangeness events are often associated with brightly lit places you come to in the dark when you are tired or stressed. Missing time has become so common that it is now listed as a separate category. Items that go missing and turn up where they could not be, having people in red plaid sweaters cross the street in front of your car in every town you pass on a long trip. Things like that-things that you can never prove and if you tell anyone about them they think you are a nut. Blessed is the high strangeness experiencer who has a co witness, for he can go back for confirmation of his own sanity as needed.

Often these experiences are not understood to be odd until years later. Then you can collect a lot of evidence that it did happen but nothing to explain it.

Aliens who Walk Up to You in a Minimart

This is a very common kind of contact for people who don't yet know just what is happening. In Henry Dohan's story when he was going to ignore a book he was given, a man he later found out was from Saturn who seemed to be just another shopper, was in line behind him at a 7-11. He happened to say something that made Henry get right back to the book and find just the information he needed to get to the next thing. Usually these alien humans show up later in a story and often pop in and out throughout someone's natural life, strangely not aging. And often they show up in a high strangeness caf┌ that is not there later.

UFO at...

Wendelle Stevens published a series of books on cases that are the best found anywhere, and are an example of how much data can be found if you do a decent job of investigation. Many of these cases are in South America where an honest investigators does not have to fear institutionalized ridicule. for his efforts.

UFO contact from planet IARGA

Mr. Denaerde was a Dutchman who grounded his sail boat on the top of a submerged saucer . this led to a friendship in which he was taken to visit their planet. His story was first published as fiction since the editor would not accept it otherwise. That book and a lot of subsequent data in given. The Iargans live on a planet that is only ten percent land and their society has been fashioned to leave most of that for agriculture. The detail of their civilization is rather technical with quite a lot of material Dan Woolman sought to go over, on propulsion and the nature of matter.

It is common for Americans to disregard any story that has an unusual looking alien , but the documentation of this case has been done in a professional way and there is no reason to reject it as false unless you reject all alien contact as a possiblity.

Part 4

The Iarga book and the others from the 'UFO contact atâ..' series, are the jewels of UFO case investigation. Most of the books you read and hear about are what the mainstream publishers decide will sell. Most of the best cases go unheard of by 99% of the people. Most people have no idea what good investigation is-it may happen on the cases they hear about, but the boring work of following up every lead is left out.

Wendelle Stevens has worked with the investigators on these cases and has put together a book on each one that would delight any true detective. In some, interviews done right after an event are compared with interviews done two years later. Peaders of popular novels would not stand for such repetition, but it is the only way a reader can make up his own mind on the bare evidence, rather than a filtered version.

Wendelle has done something more, in comparing the cases on a number of points. This results in some rather compelling facts coming out that would otherwise never be considered.

The next few cases all happened in South America. In most cases they concerned black men in rural areas who were taken and persuaded to mate with alien women. In most cases they were allowed to have knowledge and some contact with the offspring of the union. Contact is often in family lines and continues indefinitely.

Many of these books are still available and sold at a low price for hardbacks. I urge any one serious about knowing the truth to buy one or two. You will find out what questions you should ask when you are seeking the truth, AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHAT IS BEING LEFT OUT IN CASES THAT GO MAINSTREAM.

The Chosen Men

It is hard for white Americans living in a streamlined technical world, to understand why aliens would choose black men from a poor area to improve their gene lines. The men from five cases are rated for a number of characteristics. I do not have a flat bed scanner but the portion of the list that I was able to copy will give you an idea of what a good researcher considers.

UFO Abduction at MIRASSOL

Antonio was abducted in his neighborhood. While on the craft he came in contact with a number of kinds of aliens. They all seemed to be variations of one root race. All types had pointed ears, eyes set wide apart and, slanting around the side of the head. the jaw and chin jutted forward. The ears were set forward from the hair line. The two most common types were:

1. Light greenish skin, straight hair.

2. Maroon skin, tightly curled hair similar to Negroid hair.

3. In the course of his association with the aliens he also saw:

4. Taller light shinned people with long blond hair, similar to us.

5. 'Hairy humans' similar to the others but covered with hair similar to a monkey's coat.

The woman he mated with was light skinned and had alarming red hair which hung in coils. She also had dark spots on her thighs, one of the few known species marks in humans. After the event, Antonio was told that they would return so he could know his child. This did happen. On the last recorded visit, his daughter Azelia was about five, and big for her age, with an appearance between that of the alien and Antonio.

It was noted that a case some miles away from Mirassol, 27 years before, gave a description of a similar woman with notable red hair.

UFO Abduction at MARINGA

This case was first investigated by A J Gevaerd, an internationally known Brazilian researcher I have met several times. He continues to make reports of Brazilian activity at the yearly UFO conference in the Las Vegas ares.

Jocelino was abducted in 13 April 1979, only a few weeks before the Mirassol, event, but far to the southern part of Brazil. He reported several types of aliens on the ship, but the most common type once again had pointed ears and curly hair. He also reported aliens that had faces covered with fur..

The visitors were a medical team and the contact was part of an experiment. Jocelino mated with a woman who was brown skinned, lighter than the dark aliens (possibly a hybrid herself) who told him, ˝perhaps the seed will growţ before she left him. When he asked where they came from he was given this map:

UFO Abduction at BOTUCATU

Joao was abducted and returned some distance from his home in his pajamas. His contact was RAMA , who wore this pattern of markings on his day toga:

Joao was given some medicine by the aliens to treat the son of a friend who had a skull hemorrhage. It was to be rubbed into the soles of the feet! Some of the material was analyzed by a lab. The 22 page computer report of the tests is included in the book for any chemists who may want to follow it up. A second medicine given to him was not analyzed at the time due to lack of available resources. (I assume they ran out of money-the analysis in the book must have been quite expensive).

Joao had relations with an alien woman who was taller than he was. But he didn't get her name. He was told that he and his son (in Brazil from his marriage) are related to the aliens. A photo of the son shows what appear to be pointed ears, hiding in curly hair. I once asked a man with ears like that, if I could touch them. This led to a weekend that earned me the title: ˝Bad Girl of UFOlogyţ for the fiscal year of 1993-94.

Another case covered in this book concerned Hermino and his wife Bianca, a Jehovah's Witness couple. They were abducted on a road trip and met aliens from the planet KARRAN. These aliens had eyes similar to those described in the other Brazilian contacts. In eight events they got to know the Karrans enough to detect that one coming to arrange a trip, was ill. When they wanted to take him to a doctor he showed them his arms, and veins that spiraled around the arm for the entire length, and made it unlikely that he would get out of an earth medical facility once he went in.

the Karrans said that they are extra-terrestrial, but were of the same line of humans who became homo-technicus, and have at all times occupied out planet since the beginning of civilization. They said there are few better classrooms than earth to study the profoundness of nature. To know earth is one of the richest experiences one can have in this part of the galaxy.

The people on the Karran ship came from a number of places in the part of the galaxy traveled by their culture. The following map was copied from the map displayed on the ship:

This case was included with some happening to religious people. The abduction of a priest and a monk are mentioned. The effect of the Karrans and their discussion of spiritual and moral issues on the values and beliefs of this couple is explored at length.

Welcome to In Search of UFOs and Other Phenomena ALIENS (EXTRATERRESTRIAL BIOLOGIC ENTITIES) Chapter. This chapter will eventually contain the entire histories of those space beings who we have come to know. Initially we will focus on the Grey (Gray) race of extraterrestrials.

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